Pete Fine

String Quartets

Outstanding modern string quartets in the classical/late romantic tradition. Melodic and expressive.

Pete Fine: Fine: String Quartets

Trilogy for Pipe Organ

This three-movement work for pipe organ burst forth in 2010 as a tribute to the great organists I heard as a youth in New York City. I have always loved Pipe Organ, the undisputed King of instruments. I started hearing this music and immediately knew it was meant for this instrument. I believe this sampled-instrument playback of the written score, although not yet performed by a real organist, reveals the power and emotion of the music- Pete Fine 2013

Pete Fine: Trilogy for Pipe Organ

Revelation Symphony (Symphony No. 1)

The Revelation Symphony is my first full symphony, composed in the late weeks of 2012 and early 2013 The music came through me in large chunks, often fully orchestrated, and kept growing until I had a full four movement symphony. It happened with such urgency and emotion that I was almost overwhelmed. I decided to not wait for a live performance of this large score  (which can take years, if ever) and endeavored to develop a virtual orchestra, using multi-sampled instruments, to record the playback of the score. I believe this is a powerful, accessible recording that stands on its own even in it's virtual form. The music wanted to be heard and I hope it will move you.

Pete Fine & Tucson Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra: Revelation Symphony

Symphony No. 2

The Symphony No. 2 exhibits many emotions, from its mysterious brooding beginning, transforming into both powerful outbursts and lush interludes, to its demonic scherzo. A peaceful, sparsely orchestrated adagio 3rd movement featuring wonderful woodwind solos leads to a dazzlingly joyful finale for full orchestra.

Written shortly after the completion of the Symphony No. 1 (Revelation Symphony), the 2nd is a unique, original composition with varied moods and orchestrations. It is a tonal and exciting 21st century symphonic work.