String Quartets

Outstanding modern string quartets in the classical/late romantic tradition. Melodic and expressive.

Pete Fine: Fine: String Quartets

Concerto for Electric Guitar & Orchestra

The first true concerto for Electric Guitar, composed, orchestrated and performed by the composer. A must-have for guitarists and classical music lovers.

Pete Fine: Concerto for Electric Guitar & Orchestra

Purple Winters & Past Lives

Virtuoso Solo guitar performances, classically inspired and performed on 12-string guitar. A "must" for guitar enthusiasts.

Pete Fine: Purple Winters & Past Lives
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Trilogy for Pipe Organ

This three-movement work for pipe organ burst forth in 2010 as a tribute to the great organists I heard as a youth in New York City. I have always loved Pipe Organ, the undisputed King of instruments. I started hearing this music and immediately knew it was meant for this instrument. I believe this sampled-instrument playback of the written score, although not yet performed by a real organist, reveals the power and emotion of the music- Pete Fine 2013

Pete Fine: Trilogy for Pipe Organ
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Download the CD
Download the CD

Symphony No. 2

The Symphony No. 2 exhibits many emotions, from its mysterious brooding beginning, transforming into both powerful outbursts and lush interludes, to its demonic scherzo. A peaceful, sparsely orchestrated adagio 3rd movement featuring wonderful woodwind solos leads to a dazzlingly joyful finale for full orchestra.

Written shortly after the completion of the Symphony No. 1 (Revelation Symphony), the 2nd is a unique, original composition with varied moods and orchestrations. It is a tonal and exciting 21st century symphonic work.

Upcoming Performances

Concerto No 2 in Brazil 2016